[ 22 ] : Hetereogeneous grid experimentations of DiscoGRID applications

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Elton Mathias
Françoise Baude
LieuLaboratoire INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
EnvironnementLinux, Windows, Amazon EC2, INRIA cluster, Grid5000
Pré-requisGood knowledge in parallelism, MPI, Java, and system
Contexte This work is mostly an experimental one. The primary goal is to be capable to conduct intensive experimental tests of an already existing parallel and distributed application on a large variety of heterogeneous computing infrastructures. This non embarassingly parallel scientific application is a numerical simulation of electromagnetic wawes propagation. The runtime has been developed in the ANR funded project DiscoGRID ending mid 2009. It is based upon GCM components and ProActive library, plus a C++ library wrapping Fortran MPI processes. The last phase of the project is to show experimental results that demonstrate that the original hierarchical SPMD way for parallel programming is really effective: easier to use than pure Fortran/MPI, showing at least similar performances than using directly grid-aware MPI implementations, while offering more flexibility.
Description du travail
  • Study the ProActive framework and understand its main concepts
  • - Study the existing DiscoGRID framework and SPMD parallel simulation application
  • - Develop a new version, using Java NIO to optimize Java/Native communications
  • - and run the old and new apps. in priority on Grid'5000
  • - compare with performances obtained when running the pure Fortran MPI version,on MPICH or GridMPI implementations
  • - Study how to submit jobs on the ProActive VO of EGEE
  • - Study how to submit jobs on Amazon EC2 using ProActive
  • - Study how to submit jobs on the ProActive p2p desktop grid
  • - Identify and solve problems if any raised by the joint use of machines coming from those infrastructures

ProActive Java Middleware

DiscoGRID project

Amazon EC2


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