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Olivier Dalle's Corner: TSimTools / Transactions on Simulation Tools and Techniques
Olivier Dalle's

Welcome to the TSimTools discussion page!

TSimTools is a new journal launched by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).

I (Olivier Dalle) will serve as the first Editor-In-Chief. You are more than welcome to send me comments and suggestions by email. (Please insert the TSimTools keyword in the subject of your emails).

TSimTools is part of a family of publications, but in many ways it is different. The purpose of these pages is to present the project and most importantly to discuss the principles and ideas of the journal with the community.

Besides its specific topical area (Modeling & Simulation Techniques and Tools), the main distinctive features of TSimTools are the following:

  • Open access
  • Free submission (*)
  • Reproducible content

(*) There is no magic. For this to work we need sponsors. EAI will cover the expenses of the first few issues, but we definitely need long term funding. Please help us finding sponsors!!

For further details (and discussion topics), go to the following pages: