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Olivier Dalle's Corner: TSimTools / Submission Procedure
Olivier Dalle's

This page discusses how we plan to handle submission and check for reproducibility of content.


The paper will be submitted using the regular EAI submission procedure. The paper must include a cover letter giving any useful information to ensure reproducibility (source repository, list of commands, computing requirements, …) . The software sources will have to made available on a public versioning repository such as github, sourceforge, google code, or any similar service including privately operated services. The software must be fully open-source and and permission to redistribute must be explicitly granted to the EAI using this letter (coming soon).

Reviewing process

Each paper undergoes a two-steps review in parallel in both editorial departments as follows:

  • step-1: quick check. The goal of this first step is to speed-up the review and avoid unnecessary review workload in both departments. If the paper fails, it does not proceed with step-2 in any of the 2 departments and a light review report is sent to the authors indicating whether the paper may or may not be re-submitted after corrections and if not the reason for early rejection. Several iterations with the authors are possible before the paper can enter step-2. This step is handled at high level by the EiCs and AEs.
  • step-2: deep evaluation. Each department evaluates the paper independently, in parallel, and produces an acceptance report. As usual the report may be accept as-is, accept with minor revision, accept with major revision or reject. If a major revision is needed in one of the department, the whole process is restarted from the beginning of step-1 with the revised version of the paper. If a minor revision is needed, the process restarts at step-1, but step-2 is skipped in the other department if the proposition of that department was to accept as-is the paper. A paper that went through a major revision once will not be allowed to go into major revision a second time unless it is pre-agreed by the reviewers and editors.