Le Coin Wiki
d'Olivier Dalle

This page sets various preferences for the Lens skin, and holds translation phrases specific to the skin.

  ### Use the customized Lens edit form and quick reference
  'Site.EditForm' => 'Site.LensEditForm'

  ### Phrases in Lens needing translation 
  'Locale' => '',
  'Skip to site navigation' => 'Aller a la navigation du site',
  'Skip to content' => 'Aller directement au contenu',
  'Back to top of content' => 'Retour au dbut de la page',
  'Back to the very top' => 'Retour tout en haut',
  'Back to top of navigation' => 'Retour dbut navigation',
  'Backlinks' => 'Liens inverses',
  'with IP' => '',
  'Change Attributes' => 'Changer les attributs',
  'Rename Page' => 'Renommer la page',
  'Count References' => 'Compter refrences',
  'Edit box' => 'Fentre d'dition',
  'Edit Quick Reference' => '',
  'Top of preview' => '',

Pages that you can customize to suit you:

Pages to translate. These have enough text, or enough unique text, that translating them whole seemed the best.