Nom Prénom groupeTP Option1 Option2 down Option3
Kutner Alexandre 2 PS1    
Phan Gilles 1      
Soltani Maha 1 PS1    
Ait-Tahar Pierre 2 Log2 Calc2 CPP
Barbe-Creuly Bastien 2 CPP Calc2 Log2
Brao Anthony 2 CPP Calc2 Log2
Iliasse Hassala 2 IP Calc2 Log2
El Achab El Mehdi 1 IP CPP  
Poggi Ludwig 1 IP CPP Calc2
Wohler Paraita 2 Log2 CPP IP
Auda Bastien 1 CPP IP Log2
Bah Abdoulaye Binta 2 PS1 IP Log2
Biga Anthony 2 CPP IP PS1
Bouaziz Ameni 2 CPP IP Log2
Engilberge Swan 2 CPP IP Calc2
Guazzonne Nathan 2 CPP IP PS1
M'rah Mehdi 1 CPP IP Log2
Mannai Heykel 2 CPP IP Log2
Oueslati Amine 1 CPP IP Calc2
Rochas Justine 1 CPP IP Calc2
Vandenbossche Damien 1 CPP IP PS1
Blin Alexandre 2 CPP Log2 PS1
Kulish Tatiana 2 CPP Log2 PS1
Parrocchiale Alexandre 2 CPP Log2 PS1
Song Shenyu 1 PS1 Log2 IP
Ternisien Marc 2 CPP Log2 PS1
Agarini Cl?ment 1 IP PS1 Calc2
Damiano Anthony 1 Calc2 PS1 IP
Guerin Anthony 1 CPP PS1 Log2
Lludice Daniel 2 CPP PS1 IP
Randrianaivo Toky 1 IP PS1  
Rekik Mouna 1 Log2 PS1 IP
Roy Kiran Chandra 1 CPP PS1 Log2

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