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Nom Prénom Option1 Option2 down Option3 Groupe
Ayedi Sonia Log2 C++ PS1 G2
Liu Zhaolong Log2 Calc2 C++ G1
Pellegrino Philippe Log2 Calc2 IP G2 Dispensé CC
Jacquemin Anthony Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Ben Lahoussine Guillaume Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Dardailler Laurie Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Lambert Laurent Log2 Calc2 PS1 G1
Ducot Vincent Log2 IP C++ G1
Laville Julien Log2 IP C++ G1
El moudden Farid Log2 IP C++ G1
Liu Beibei C++ IP PS1 G2
Gaudino Anthony Log2 IP C++ G2
Bentchikou Manyl Log2 IP C++ G1
Nourdine Mohamed Log2 IP C++ G1
Trillard Marc Log2 IP C++ G2
Arnhart Govinda Log2 IP C++ G2
Strangi Thomas Log2 IP C++ G2
Teixeira Tiago Log2 IP C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Cherrak Nassim PS1 Log2 IP G2
Phan Ho Ha Phuong Calc2 Log2 IP G2
Wadjahdi Marc C++ Log2 PS1 G2
Sakhi Mohamed PS1 Log2 C++ G1 Dispensé CC
Camara Anne Marie PS1 Log2 C++ G1
Touati Samed Log2 PS1 IP G1
Herche Bilal Log2 PS1 IP G2 Dispensé CC
Bontemps Xavier Log2 PS1 C++ G1
Song Shenyu Log2 PS1 C++ G1
Nicolas Sylvain Calc2 PS1 C++ G2
Tataruch Elzbieta IP PS1 C++ G1
Belghit Yasmine Log2 PS1 C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Cabaret Gilles IP PS1 C++ G1
Minetto Gabriele Calc2 PS1 IP G2
Ghoul Younes Log2 PS1 C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Benarab Rachid IP PS1 C++ G1 Dispensé CC
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