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Nom Prénom Option1 Option2 Option3 Groupe
Liu Zhaolong Log2 Calc2 C++ G1
Ducot Vincent Log2 IP C++ G1
Laville Julien Log2 IP C++ G1
Touati Samed Log2 PS1 IP G1
Herche Bilal Log2 PS1 IP G2 Dispensé CC
El moudden Farid Log2 IP C++ G1
Pellegrino Philippe Log2 Calc2 IP G2 Dispensé CC
Bontemps Xavier Log2 PS1 C++ G1
Liu Beibei C++ IP PS1 G2
Song Shenyu Log2 PS1 C++ G1
Gaudino Anthony Log2 IP C++ G2
Cherrak Nassim PS1 Log2 IP G2
Jacquemin Anthony Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Nicolas Sylvain Calc2 PS1 C++ G2
Bentchikou Manyl Log2 IP C++ G1
Nourdine Mohamed Log2 IP C++ G1
Trillard Marc Log2 IP C++ G2
Arnhart Govinda Log2 IP C++ G2
Strangi Thomas Log2 IP C++ G2
Tataruch Elzbieta IP PS1 C++ G1
Teixeira Tiago Log2 IP C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Ben Lahoussine Guillaume Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Ayedi Sonia Log2 C++ PS1 G2
Dardailler Laurie Log2 Calc2 IP G1
Belghit Yasmine Log2 PS1 C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Cabaret Gilles IP PS1 C++ G1
Minetto Gabriele Calc2 PS1 IP G2
Lambert Laurent Log2 Calc2 PS1 G1
Phan Ho Ha Phuong Calc2 Log2 IP G2
Ghoul Younes Log2 PS1 C++ G2 Dispensé CC
Wadjahdi Marc C++ Log2 PS1 G2
Sakhi Mohamed PS1 Log2 C++ G1 Dispensé CC
Benarab Rachid IP PS1 C++ G1 Dispensé CC
Camara Anne Marie PS1 Log2 C++ G1
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